Vocal Development in Young Singers

Voice Lessons for Children

Jane has been teaching children for years, and loves the passion they have for singing. To that end, she first and foremost wants the best for them, and to help move them ahead with a good approach to singing that is natural and fun. She generally accepts children for formal voice lessons starting somewhere around the age of 12. In special circumstances she will offer vocal coaching for younger children.

The Developing Child’s Voice

Long-term vocal development is not expected for children with unchanged voices, and therefore measured progress can be limited. However, occasional vocal coaching for younger children can be helpful for learning some basic vocal production and presentation skills for a child if they have either an audition, or solo to sing, by focusing efforts on preparing the child to succeed in those particular events.

Generally, formal voice lessons should begin when the child is either in the middle of, or after their adolescent voice change, boys and girls alike. This can vary individually, but generally is between 12 and 15 years old. Jane will occasionally work with younger children for short-term vocal coaching, if they need assistance with preparing for an audition.

The difference between Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching

Formal voice lessons are generally given once a week for at least 30 minutes, and include the expectation of home practice every day. Lessons focus on training the voice, both physically and mentally, and learning to apply healthy vocal technique to the song repertoire.

Vocal Coaching does not focus on building the voice per se, but rather guides the student with basic vocal production, song development and presentation, often for specific performance goals. Posture, attention to breathing, and diction are all helpful areas that are be addressed during vocal coaching.

Music Education Experience  

Jane worked with young singers for over eleven years as the Children’s Choir Coordinator at Christ Lutheran Church (Charlotte), overseeing the choir and music programs from birth through middle school.  She was a member of the Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts for six years as a voice teacher and a founding board member.  As a licensed Kindermusik educator for seven years, she directed programs in both New Jersey and in North Carolina.  She understands, encourages, and values developmentally appropriate musical activities for all children.