Studio Information

Getting Started

Private Studio Lessons with Jane

Contact Jane to inquire about private voice lessons or vocal coaching. Students take weekly lessons for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Online Lessons via Skype or FaceTime

The technology is here! Online lessons work well, as long as the student has a good webcam and microphone. Most smartphones and computers have reasonably good equipment.

Studio Policies

When a voice student schedules a private lesson, they are making a commitment to attend those lessons on the arranged day and time throughout that month. Lessons are taken weekly, and paid for in advance on the first lesson of the month, which guarantees your lesson slot and encourages consistent instruction.  



Nine (9) equal monthly tuition payments starting with September and due at the first lesson of each month.  (If a student starts mid-session the payments will be calculated based on how many lessons are left.)  The final payment will be at the beginning of May and will include June. 

30-minute lesson: $135/month

45-minute lesson: $200/month

60-minute lesson: $270/month

Payments remitted after the 8th of the month need to add a $20 late fee

Cancelled Lessons. Due to a full studio, only up to two (2) cancelled lessons during the 9-month session can be made-up for any reason.  Rescheduling your lesson to another day is discouraged, however, if I have time available, you can always ask.  

Make-up Lessons.  Students are not required to make up lessons, but if they choose to make them up, they will be done during one of two make up weeks. 

    Teacher Cancellation

    In the event of teacher cancellation, the student can request either a credit, a refund, or can make up the lesson if there is an available time slot.

    Stopping or Suspending Lessons

    If you stop or suspend lessons before the semester has ended, current or former monthly tuition cannot be refunded or credited on a pro-rated basis.

    Inclement Weather

    During winter storms, I will not teach lessons at the studio if my neighborhood roads are impassable, however roads often clear up by the time of the late afternoon/early evening lessons. If I close the studio, students will take their lessons online, unless they lose their power or do not have the adequate technology (FaceTime or Skype). If the studio is open, but a student is unable to travel, then they will take their lessons online. If the proper technology is unavailable, the lesson will be credited.

    If I have to cancel lessons due to weather, I will let you know by phone, text, and/or email blast.

    Expectations, Practicing & Supplies

    • Students are expected to practice a minimum of 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  As a student progresses, or depending on their ability, that amount of practicing will increase.
    • All students will be expected to keep a binder or similar with their lessons, music, worksheets, and a personal practice record.
    • All students will record their lessons, and will listen to them at least once during the week.  They will need to come to their lessons with a USB flash drive, or use a smartphone or other personal recording device.
    • New students will have to purchase a copy of the Vocal Fitness Training curriculum, Sing! Vocal Theory and Exercise Instructions, available at
    • All students are responsible for purchasing their own music.  Students in training for musical theater will also create and maintain an audition or repertoire book.  All students should expect to invest in and begin building a music library of songs and song collections.

    When the Studio is Full

    During peak seasons (fall and winter semesters), availability can become more limited, and it can cause scheduling challenges.  When that happens, prospective students are put on a waiting list.