Jane Edgren has been teaching vocal lessons to singers for many years, and as her studio grew, she wanted to assure that every student was learning basic exercises and concepts, so she developed a simple checklist. As time went on, she realized that expanding it into a curriculum would create consistent learning environment for all of her students. She continued to tweak the curriculum, and it became the basis of her in studio curriculum and eventually led to her first book of vocal training, Sing! 20 Singing Lessons to Improve Your Voice.

Traditional 30 Minute Lesson Format

Students will spend a minimum of 2-3 months (or eight lesson units) learning basic vocal technique. If a student has an audition during this time, coaching will be allowed, but regular lessons will resume immediately afterward. These initial lessons cover basic tone production, vowel formation, and breathing, with a structured curriculum of practicing to strengthen the concepts.  I also provide a link to vocal exercises, and guidance in practicing.

Once the basic technique is learned, another 3-4 weeks will be spent on developing an efficient approach for learning and practicing songs. Once all of these techniques have been learned, intermediate vocal technique will be offered along with song work.


Jane helped me gain the needed confidence to survive in this business. I used to think singing was an innate talent, but now I know that it is all technique. Starting out singing, previous vocal coaches would let you do karaoke over and over. Jane breaks down the song note by note and doesn’t let you sing it with accompaniment until the technique is learned. This has made the difference for me; transforming me from a singer, into to a well-developed performer.

Jane is like no other vocal coach I’ve had. It is a friendly environment that shows big results. I came to Jane not knowing any technique or how to mix or expand my range; I am happy now to say that in my studies I have found all these things with Jane.

Kendall C.



Students will be expected to practice a minimum of 15-30 minutes a day, five days a week. Practice amounts increase with experience and improvement. When the exercises are done properly, students can expect to extend their range (in both directions), develop a stronger tone, have ease in vocal production, and coordinated breathing. Depending on the goals of the student, many will increase their practicing to 30 minutes a day, including additional time spent on songs.

Students will be expected to keep a notebook or binder with their lessons, music, notes, and a personal practice record.  Students will record their lessons, and will be expected to listen to them at least once during the week. They will need to purchase an SD card or flash drive of at least 8GB, or bring their own recording device.

45 or 60 Minute Lesson Format

In general, this length of these vocal lessons would be for either high school age students who are heavily involved in performing, those who might be looking at college auditions in the future, or for adults who are able to, or would like a longer singing lesson.