Jane Edgren Voice Studio

Vocal Fitness Training™ Method 

In a voice lesson with Jane, students learn a healthy, consistent and reliable vocal technique, while expanding their range and developing their own musical identity and style.

Jane is there to help anyone who has a strong desire to learn to improve their singing.  She specializes in expanding range and developing easy, consistent and reliable vocal production.  She offers short-term coaching and preparation for auditions, competitions, Broadway musical performances, and college entrance auditions.

Jane has been teaching private voice lessons for most of her career, drawing on her rich background of singing various styles of music.


Standard Voice Lessons

We work to bring the voice physically into good shape using vocal exercises.  First lessons are spent on learning the technique and how to practice properly to get the best results, using the Vocal Fitness Training curriculum book, Sing! Vocal Theory and Exercise Instructions.

In addition to the detailed instructions in the Student Edition, you will have 12 months of free online access to over 140 vocal exercise audio tracks and 30 instructional videos. Additionally, each lesson has 40 corresponding online Practice Plans so you don’t have to figure out what to practice on your own. Each has a daily interactive playlist you can use with your smart phone, tablet or computer at the VocalFitnessStudio.com website.

Jane is an absolutely wonderful teacher. She is passionate about music has years of experience and vast knowledge. She takes the time to help each student at their individual pace, never puts unrealistic expectations on them, nor rushes her teaching. Jane has such a vibrant personality, and her passion for music is contagious. She always wants the best for her students. I would most definitely recommend her as a teacher.

From my two years studying with Jane, my vocal technique, range, and love of singing have grown tremendously. In college, singing sometimes felt like a chore and became very frustrating because of the tension and absence of a strong, higher range. After working with Jane, I feel so confident in my ability to perform and singing has become fun again! I am able to sing notes I never thought I would be able to hit; they’re so easy now! Jane’s techniques do work and it is incredible how her approach improves and strengthens the voice.

Alex Grellner

Adults and High School Ages 

Adult singing lessons are customized for each individual’s singing style and needs, along with a healthy vocal approach and technique to help them accomplish their goals.

Technical emphasis is on developing the whole voice for vocal fitness, so that it is strong and reliable. This is accomplished through specific vocal exercises that strengthen and tone the instrument and the muscles that support vocal production using the standard Vocal Fitness Training book.

Once students finish the book, intermediate and advanced exercises help to expand and strengthen the singer’s range and smooth the transitions through the registers. Additionally, song work is begun with instruction on how to approach learning a song using deconstruction, deliberate practicing and performance practice designed to connect the singer to the text.


Inspired by the research and principles set forth in John M. Cooksey’s book, Working with the Adolescent Voice, Jane helps teens work through their changing voices, teaching them a healthy vocal technique, while working through aural and vocal pitch adjustments. Jane was also privileged to attend a workshop with Dr. Cooksey to learn his approach first-hand.

Voice Lessons for Children

Jane has been teaching children for years, and loves the passion they have for singing. To that end, she first and foremost wants the best for them, and to help move them ahead with a good approach to singing that is natural and fun. She generally accepts children for formal voice lessons starting somewhere around the age of 12. In special circumstances she will offer vocal coaching for younger children.  Learn more

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching differs from regular voice lessons in that the emphasis is on polishing songs.  Most people who take vocal coaching sessions usually need help preparing for short-term projects, such as preparing for an audition, recording session, or performance.  Technique can also be taught through the coaching sessions as we can approach the song through vocal exercise techniques.

I’m delighted to recommend Jane Edgren and her Vocal Fitness Training program! Even though I was performing regularly, I began to feel frustrated with my ability to sing consistently and did not feel “in control” of my gift. I knew I needed guidance from a professional! Fortunately, my son, who is a musician, had studied voice and his first and favorite voice teacher to recommend was Jane Edgren.

I found that her Vocal Fitness Training program is attuned to systematically and incrementally teach foundational principles and techniques, in a way I could grasp and put into practice immediately. I put the time in and practiced the way Ms. Edgren recommends in the program, including reading the assigned materials, viewing video technique training as indicated, and I attending all lessons. Sooner than I expected, I began to make progress, and heard and felt my voice responding.

I heartily recommend Jane Edgren and her wonderful program to you, whatever your age or stage in life. If you love to sing, don’t wait as long as I did to train with a professional who really cares about your success in sharing your vocal gift and talent. She radiates a beautiful enthusiasm of her trade, deeply recognizing its great value, while wonderfully sharing her love of the art of singing with her pupils.

Maria S.


Jane’s book of Vocal Fitness Training is available in three different editions!

Self-guided for the Individual

Are you looking to kick off your vocal training, dust off your vocal cords, or just seeking some fresh ideas to help you improve your voice and vocal fitness?  Learn more.

Student Edition

Sing! Voice Student’s Edition is for those who taking instruction from a voice teacher or vocal coach using the Teacher’s Edition of Sing!  Learn more.

Teacher’s Edition 

Sing! 16 Singing Lessons to Teach Your Students – Teacher’s Edition provides basic instruction to start a student on a program to improve their voice.  Learn more.